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Industrial thermal insulation

We assist you in the fight against energy loss via insulation techniques. Our qualified teams, specialised in the field of industrial thermal insulation, are at your disposal for projects involving the insulation of hot and cold networks or for personnel protection.

We intervene within the scope of site construction projects or for renovation and maintenance work, ranging from the simplest to the most complex installations.

Based on your specifications or our recommendations, we implement various insulating materials (rock wool, ceramic fibre, polyurethane injection, etc.) with the appropriate finishing coatings (isoxal sheet, stainless steel, fibreglass, etc. ….) in order to best meet your needs.

Composite repair

Equipment (tanks, pipes, etc.), even when protected, are prone to environmental attacks that can alter their performance and eventually their integrity. After analysing your needs and industrial environment, we offer to solve problems such as :

Internal and external corrosion

Leakage under load and tranversal defects

Erosion, abrasion and cavitation

Damage to large metal structures such as bridges, tanks, roofs and floors

Damage to complex geometries in tanks and pipework, including pipe bends, tees and flanges

Our solutions are suitable for almost all industries and are compatible with a wide range of operational and process constraints such as : temperature and pressure constraints, acidic and basic environments, mechanical constraints like abrasion and/or erosion. Three main techniques are used :

Reconstruction by machinable resin

wrapping (fibreglass and composite resin) in accordance with ASME PCC-2 or ISO 24817 for equipment under pressure

Cold bonding reinforcement

Work at height and difficult access areas

Our teams of professional (IRATA® certified) and experienced rope access technicians implement various access techniques for many industrial sectors in full compliance with safety standards.

We work in challenging industrial environments. Our skills enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to your industrial maintenance requests requiring access at height.

We are able to provide the following services :

Inspection and control (visual, ultrasound, etc.) with photographs and video reports

Cleaning work

Interventions in confined areas (chimney, silo, etc.)

General maintenance (boiler making and welding, surface preparation and painting, etc.)

Electrical work (installation and maintenance of lightning arrestors, cable pulling, etc.)